Nano: Technology of Mind over Matter
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Nano: Technology of Mind over Matter

Rav P. S. Berg

Public interest in the connection between science and religion has recently become very high, but the subject has long been studied by Kabbalists. Years before “nano” entered the vernacular as an abbreviation for “nanotechnology” — which essentially means “less is more” rather than “the bigger, the better” — Rav Berg was speaking and writing about this scientific concept in spiritual terms. And although the concept that less physicality can produce more power was only a recent discovery by scientists, it’s something that Kabbalists have known throughout the ages. In his first new book in many years, Berg examines this idea in depth. He contends that space will continue to shrink until there is nothing between humans and the world around them, lending support to the notion that “we are all one” — and by extension, to the credo “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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